Resurrection begins already here below. For the early Church a deeply spiritual man is one who has already ‘risen again’. The truest moments of our life, those lived in the invisible, have a resurrection flavor. Resurrection begins every time that a person, breaking free from conditionings, transfigures them…Resurrection begins every time that a person plunges this world’s opaque, divisive, death-riddled modality into its Christ-centered modality, into that ‘ineffable and marvelous fire, hidden in the essence of things, as in the Burning Bush.’
— Olivier Clement
It is always a difficult thing to express, in intellectual terms, subtle feelings that are nevertheless infinitely important for the individual’s life and well-being. It is, in a sense, the feeling that we have been ‘replaced’ but without the connotation of having been ‘deposed’. It is as if the guidance of life had passed over to an invisible centre.
— Carl Jung